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Jolt Finder


Joy to the drug store, my Jolt has come... Jul. 9th, 2007 @ 11:59 am
Incase any Jolt fanatics missed it, Walgreens is now carrying 3 flavors of Jolt (including Blue and Cola); i've recently found them in most Walgreens stores _in my area_ [Broward County, FL].

Also interesting: looks like Jolt is releasing 8oz and 16oz versions of their tasty beverage.

Message from Chris Kennedy Jun. 16th, 2006 @ 09:19 am
This was left as a comment in the last entry, I am reposting it here so more people will see it.

I am the Brand Manager for Jolt and would like to post that anyone interested in sending in their own personal Jolt photos and stories to be posted on our new website that is being created right now would be much appreciated. We are looking for fun, energetic photo's and stories containing to your first jolt or a fun story or memory you had while drinking a Jolt. You may send them to the following email address:ckennedy@wetplanet.com.

Thank you in advance for drinking Jolt and thank you for your constant brand loyalty.

With Gratitude,

Chris Kennedy
Marketing Manager
Wet Planet Beverages

Jolt Finder News May. 19th, 2006 @ 02:03 pm
May 19, 2006: Today at one of my favorite Jolt Buying locations, I found
a new product: Jolt Silver in a battery can. This product has been listed in
the Database. I suggest you check out your locations and use the
My Locations
page and update your location if the new product is found

I don't believe it. May. 15th, 2006 @ 09:34 am
I just replied to an e-mail to the marketer of Wet Planet and Jolt Cola saying YES, I would be more than happy for Jolt Finder to be part of the official Jolt Cola Website!!!!

They will be supplying me with a new look and feel for the site so it fits with the Jolt Cola site.

I am beyond excited.

Somebody pinch me.

Does anyone speak swedish? May. 11th, 2006 @ 02:18 pm
I found a refrence to Jolt Finder in a foriegn forum of some kind. I am really curious as to what they are saying, but I don't even know what language it is in so I can't plug it into babelfish. But I have the feeling that its not in babelfish.


Ah a little detective work, and the domain is registered to someone in Stockholm. So the language must be Swedish, right?

There are two locations in the database for Sweden so we have some Swedish Jolt Finders. Pretty cool.

If those you you with big readerships could forward this request it would be much appreciated.
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» Jolt Finder mention
So I was looking at the statistics today for Jolt Finder, and found some hits from an unexpected source.

This Article on FailedSuccess.com mentions Jolt Finder and has a link! Though Jolt Finder isn't mentioned by name, there is a link and that makes me happy.
» Jolt Finder News
March 15, 2006: I've added some new functionality to Jolt Finder. There is now a new page, My Locations that will show you the locations you have found, and allow you to edit them.
» Adding Non-Cola products (Jolt Gum)
Its been suggessted that I add the Jolt Gum to the list of products in the Jolt Finder Database. I could go either way on this. So I am curious if there is a demand for it. Please take a moment to fill out this poll.

Poll #690384 Non-Cola Products (Jolt Gum)

Should I add Jolt Gum to the Jolt Finder product database?

Yes, it is Jolt, and more Jolt is good
No, stick with the Cola products

» Sighting! (and Tasting)
Here in sunny ATTLEBORO, MA... "Bliss Bros. Dairy" is a resturaunt/store/icecream shop that sells the Battery Shaped mongo cans of delicious, wonderful JOLT!!! It has been too many years, so yay me! I'm not gonna stop there, I'll wait for the distributor to come to the store, and ask them personally where else they are stocking it! More posts as I find more soda! We rock!
» newbie!
Living in SE Massachusetts, haven't had Jolt in 4 years! Any leads?
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