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Jun. 13th, 2005 @ 04:00 pm
I'm trying to find someplace in the Allentown/Bethlehem, Pennsylvania area that sells Jolt Cola. Can anyone help?
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Naughty! Apr. 7th, 2005 @ 02:38 pm
So Jolt Finder kwa put in the following information into the database:

Location Name: Macs (Jolt Finder Location #32)
Address / Location: 1 fake street
City: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Products Carried:

Jolt Cola 20 oz. Bottle

Prices : 1.39-1.49
Comments: 90% of macs in ottawa have jolt cola. Cant find jolt gum though:(
Macs was found by Jolt Finder: kwa


This entry does not do much good. Sure, a local might now where the closest Macs is, but what of someone just moving to town? What of someone passing through town? What if they go to one of the Macs that are the "10 percent" that do not carry Jolt.

I am leaving this entry in the database, but as an example of how NOT to enter data.

I will be putting content on the add entry form to bring attention to this, as well as expanding the explanation of what goes in the "location" box in the help.

Jolt Finder News Jan. 21st, 2005 @ 10:28 am
Jan. 21, 2004: There was some spurious data in one of my tables, which
was messing up some entries. Its fixed. I think it was left-over test data,
but if it happens again, something is messed up. I will be contacting the Jolt
Finders who have affected locations via e-mail.

tweak, skadogg, roadwarrior3f8, and
kc9dre, this means you.

Sorry, Folks, Drink Up!
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Jolt Finder News Jan. 10th, 2005 @ 12:39 am
January 10, 2004: It appears that the Jolt product line has changed. I have added the new "battery can" products to the database. For now the old (discontinued?) prodcuts will stay. Looks like I may have to write a mechanism to update a location after all. It was on my to do list, but may have to be moved up in priority. We should discuss these things in the livejournal joltfinder community. (You do not have to be a livejournal member to reply to posts, but livejournal is cool, and accounts are free.)

Digg Jolt Finder Dec. 15th, 2004 @ 05:41 pm
I am still trying to promote Jolt Finder without much success. So, I submitted a story to digg. A new kind of news site.

Please help me out by going to http://digg.com/links/Jolt_Finder and digging the link.

Thank you very much.

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Other entries
» Jolt Finder News

December 15, 2004 : The dismal numbers here (16 Locations, and 28 Jolt
Finders as of this writing) are because I have no idea how to promote the site.

On Monday October 18, @03:39PM I submitted a story to slashdot.
hoping that we would get a flood of users, if the story was accepted. I have
been told that stories are usually accepted or rejected within hours. As of this
writing, the story is still pending.

So now I am going to submit a story to digg.
Keep your fingers crossed. And if you found this site from digg, Welcome!</a>

» Does anyone here speak Finnish?
So I am going through the logs for Jolt Finder and I find a referrer I did not expect. It appears that someone has blogged about Jolt Finder in finnish!

Small problem: I don't speak Finnish, I don't know if anyone I know speaks Finnish, and online translators between Finnish & English are seriously lacking. I just hope she had very nice things to say, and that the Finnish does not translate to "This site is seriously stupid & ugly, and who would want to drink that vile concoction anyway?"

I think she might think I am Californian... although I lived in California more than anywhere else, I am a Wyomingite now. That's important.

I am blown away. Jolt Finder has not yet found the momentum I am hoping for, but stuff like this keeps me hoping. I seriously did not expect Jolt Finder to have much International appeal (assuming My Finnish Blogger found it appealing), But out of the 10 current locations, 4 are outside the United States (though one is a dupe of an Australian location).

If you would like to pimp Jolt Finder in your journals, that would be great. Especially those of you with a readership of 578 or 160 or similar numbers. :) And if you allow spiders on your journal please make the link look like this <A HREF="http://www.joltfinder.com">Jolt Finder</a> To google-firecracker the real Jolt Finder over my test-version which is now at the top of google listings.

In other Jolt Finder news, I submitted a story to slashdot FOUR DAYS AGO, and it is still "pending". (opheliasclone I used ALL of your editing advice -- thank you) My sources tell me that a Slashdot Story is usually accepted or rejected in a few hours. I can only hope the four day pending status is a good sign -- that they are saving it for some reason with the intention of publishing. Please send me your geeky-mojo with a Y-connector to Slashdot so they run my story. Thanks.

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» News 2004-10-17
2004-10-17 : As I mention in the FAQ, one of the reasons
for the ugly site design in accesability. I was recently informed by a friend
who uses the popular JAWS reader, that Jolt Finder "is very JAWS friendly".

Any suggestions to make Jolt Finder more accessale is very welcome. My e-mail
is at the bottom of every page.

Ofcourse reading this on joltfinder comments here will suffice.

» News
10/04/2004 : I added a couple buttons to the Find Jolt Form. The
"Show All Locations" button will, amazingly enough, display all the
locations entered into the database, 25 at a time. The "Show Random
Location" button will either show a random location from the database, or
cause a hurricane to hit Florida, please use with caution.

The hurricane effect is random chance and very rare
» Whew!
Well I fixed the "Security Annoyance" in Jolt Finder, so now I can confess to what it was.

I wrote Jolt Finder with a pretty naive point of view, expecting people in my sandbox to play nice. But planning on trying to announce it on slashdot prompted friends to remind me the kinds of things they might do. Well I realized that I had written Jolt Finder in such a way that anyone could reset somebody else's password, if they knew the username.

In the old scheme, the script updated the password with a random string, and e-mailed the new password to the e-mail address provided at registration. I (naively) thought that even if someone else reset your password for you, you would have the new password in your e-mail address.

I bet you can see how this can cause more than just an annoyance.

So now, in the new scheme, reseting a password is a two-step process. First you request confirmation code from the script, which it generates randomly, and e-mails to the address provided at registration. The e-mail also contains the URL to the page where you use the confirmation code. Once you put in you username and confirmation code, it changes your password to something random, and e-mails you the result.

I basically lifted the process from a website I had forgotten my password on yesterday, which set my mind in motion about how Jolt Finder handles it. Though I lifted the process, my code was original -- I did not use anything I did not already write as an example.

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